Pop Fashion Fidget Spinner, Toy Handheld Fidget Toys with Spinning Tops with Emoji and Glow in the Dark Colors

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  • FIDGET SPINNER - When it comes to Toys & Games, the hottest craze of the year is the Fidget Spinner. This spinning toy is the best handheld portable toy, travel toy, and pocket toy of 2017. The spinner provides hours of entertainment for boys, girls, teens and children of all ages. The fidget spinner is the best selling and hottest toy of the year which makes it a great gift for anyone you know. Collect all the different colors, like black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, white, and more!
  • GLOW IN THE DARK SPINNER - Not only do our spinning toys come in a variety of colors, check out the awesome glow in the dark varieties. Charge up the spinning toy under a light and then spin the toy in the dark for an awesome effect! The Fidget spinner is the coolest gift, because it comes in so many cool designs and colors, and glows in the dark. Not all spinners glow, so if you want this feature make sure you buy one that says "GLOW" after the color.
  • SPINNING TOY, BLACK SPINNER - The fidget spinner is a great way to keep your hands busy at work, in class, or at home. The spinning toy helps to relieve stress and relieves nervousness. Our Spinner will spin from 1-3 minutes depending on the how hard you spin. Perform tricks, balance it, and entertain your hands and mind. Not only does it help reduce your anxiety, but it is perfect for anyone with ADD or ADHD, or Autism. The fidget spinner promotes focus and keeps the hands busy.
  • BEST GIFT FOR KIDS - Look no further than the most fun and most affordable gift of the year. The fidget Spinner is made with strong durable plastic and high quality ball bearings, this spinner is built to last and survive the wears of everyday life. Kids love this spinning toy, and you can give them the gift they will love and help them collect all the different colors, designs, and patterns of the fidget spinner.
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