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  • Celebrate this valentine with 10 couple stories.

    Marketing Team

    Posted on February 04 2021

    Celebrate this valentine with 10 couple stories.
    Some things are just incomplete without one another and one such is love and love stories. Love stories are an integral part of anyone who has ever fallen dotty. Be it their own story and memories that they made with their partners or someone else’s that holds a special palace in their heart. It inspires them and makes them feel grateful for having someone to share those precious moments.
  • 2021 Winter Guide: SCARVES TREND to keep an eye on.

    Harry S

    Posted on January 21 2021

    2021 Winter Guide: SCARVES TREND to keep an eye on.

    There are several things that one can think of when it comes to fashion accessories. These include earrings, rings, watches, sunglasses, handbags, etc. Do you know which is the simplest yet elegant and stylish of all fashion accessories? The answer is a SCARF.

  • 5 Comfy & Cute summer outfits to wear at home for women.

    Couch Taxes

    Posted on May 25 2020

    In this global pandemic where everyone is locked inside the house, it is the woman of the house who needs to maintain the positive energy and routine of the house. It's a tough time going on but the new hot summer season brings new hopes with fresh home outfits. Let's set up our wardrobes and revamp our racks to adopt elevated comfortable wear.

  • Accessorize Outfits with Scarves | Tips & Tricks

    Couch Taxes

    Posted on April 15 2020

    As the pandemic is spreading like wildfire, the people have gone under a lockdown or are in quarantine. Though this time can be tough to pass at home, one can even utilize this time to update their install game or to try on a new hobby or learn a new skill. Scarves are a simple yet stylish accessory that you can wear to take your fashion game up a level.

  • 10 must-have bags every woman should own

    Harry S

    Posted on March 18 2020

    Women are very conscious about setting trends when it comes to fashion. They make it a point to look classy and elegant from top to bottom whether it comes to sporting a simple accessory like a pair of earrings or wearing matching footwear with their favorite outfit. Similarly, bags constitute an important accessory when it comes to looking chic and trendy. It is aptly said by someone that " One cannot buy happiness but one can buy handbags". There are innumerable choices available in the market when it comes to bags. One does not need to go for costly bags when it comes to setting trends and looking stylish. Here is a list of the top ten 
    popular handbags that every woman must own.