10 must-have bags every woman should own

Harry S

Posted on March 18 2020

Women are very conscious about setting trends when it comes to fashion. They make it a point to look classy and elegant from top to bottom whether it comes to sporting a simple accessory like a pair of earrings or wearing matching footwear with their favorite outfit. Similarly, bags constitute an important accessory when it comes to looking chic and trendy. It is aptly said by someone that " One cannot buy happiness but one can buy handbags". There are innumerable choices available in the market when it comes to bags. One does not need to go for costly bags when it comes to setting trends and looking stylish. Here is a list of the top ten popular handbags that every woman must own.

1. A classic structured black bag - The black color is suitable for any occasion as it is the most common color of a handbag that you can pair with anything. Whether you are going for dinner or you want to show that boss lady attitude, it fits all your needs. Thus making it a must-have for every woman. Even if you do not have the budget to buy too many bags for every outfit, you can buy a black handbag to fit all your needs.

2. Go for nude colors or neutrals - If you desire to look elegant and easy-going but wish to look trendy as well you must buy a nude color or a neutral colored handbag. You can pair them with pastel-colored outfits or even with bold colors. They can match all your requirements. For summers they give a casual chic vibe as well. 

3. Evening bags - Evening bags are popular handbags and are a perfect choice for dinner, dates, parties and other occasions. If you are looking for something that catches the eye of people and makes you look fierce and glamourous, you can purchase an evening bag. These are multi-purpose as some of them are convertible as a sling bag or a clutch so they can be paired with any shimmery outfit.

4. A multi-purpose clutch - While most people think of clutches as plain and dull and do not make you look trendy but in reality, if you are looking for something fancy to take on a cruise trip or a sporting event like golfing, clutches are a perfect choice. These fit well with tropical or summer dresses or you can just pair them with a plain dress like culottes or fancy pants. These mostly go with day events so you can pair with a dress accordingly.

5. A box-shaped clutch- A box-shaped clutch can be paired with any elegant maxi dress or gown if you desire to add a tinge of style to your outfit and look like a dive. These are easy to carry and are a perfect accessory if you wish to keep your accessories to a minimum.

6. Go for bright colors - If you are a person who loves to be the center of attention and always love looking glamorous then there is nothing better than buying a bright solid colored purse or a handbag. These flaunt your colorful and playful side and make you look like the diva that you are.

7. The all-day casual bags - If you are looking for a bag that you can carry everywhere while you are on a run or if you are getting late for work you can opt for a casual bag. You can buy a canvas tote bag with rope handles as they are perfect for work or if you are a college student and wish to pair it with an ethnic dress. These are durable and efficient to help you meet all your needs. You can buy a one from popfashion.

8. A classy weekender bag - If you are a person who is fond of traveling but does not love to carry big backpacks then this is the perfect handbag for you to suit all your desires. You can carry all your important stuff without a hassle of space.

9. Dapper luggage - If your work or a feeling of escape takes you on frequent long trips then chic luggage is a must-have. If you want to don a celebrity airport look and arrive in style, it is a must buy.

10 A beach bag - It is a must-have bag if you want a bag that sustains water and sand and is durable for a longer-term. You can also put little souvenirs in it and they are sure to be proven efficient in the long term.