7 Powerful Stories of Women Leaders To Get Inspire From #WomensDay.

Marketing Team

Posted on February 26 2021

You might be a great politician, an academic, an author or a philosopher but to inspire others you have to have something more than that. You need that extra courage, the risk taking ability that can inspire others to follow in your footstep. As we celebrate the women’s day, we commemorate those boss ladies who became world leaders rising up from a working-class or increasing their stature by taking those risks to achieve a goal for the sake of mankind. 

Leadership through Kindness: Of all the diseases prior to COVID-19, AIDS was the most deadly one or so people thought. There was a misgiving that the AIDS syndrome passed on merely by touch or sitting on the same seat as the AIDS patient. The US believed that such patients were liable to be quarantined even. In such a time, the Royal Family of Great Britain stood up. Princess Diana opened the first unit to treat HIV and AIDS patients in the United Kingdom. During her visit to that unit the Princess shook hands with an AIDS infected patient without wearing any gloves. This helped change the general perception about the disease and the patient suffering from it.

Leadership through Endurance: Malala Zusuf, born in Pakistan, endured three gunshots in an assassination attempt. Her fault was she was attending school as against the wishes of the Taliban. After her survival, Malala became an even strong supporter of female education. The assassination attempt on Malala provoked anger throughout the world specially the female community. Pakistan was forced to amend the Right to Education Bill. She also became the youngest person to achieve a Nobel Peace Prize, and address the United Nations. 

Leadership through Stance: Rosa Parks in 1955 on Dec 1, refused to give her seat to a White when ordered by the bus driver to do so. This resulted in her arrest, loss of job, and death threats for a long time. But she persisted and took her stand. This led to Rosa being considered as a symbol of the civil rights movement. 

Thus, Rosa became an internationally renowned icon. She earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. The US Congress labeled her as the ‘First Lady of Human Rights’.

Leadership through  Beauty: KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson started a beauty brand for coloured women. Their motive  of not to be left behind even if they were coloured was a strong push for other believers as well.

Leadership through Charity: Talking of charity only one woman stands out among others, Mother Teresa. Regarded as one of the most selfless people, she dedicated her life to serving the poor and needy. She was not even known for a good 30 years by anyone but she kept doing her work. She believed if you cannot help everyone, help one at least. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, and was conferred with Sainthood posthumously in 2014.

Leadership through Belief: Joan of Arc campaigned for the reinstatement of the true king as it was her belief that it was the will of God. She led the French against the English armies to victory. She fought until her last defending her country and her beliefs. Once she said “I am not afraid. I was born to do this”. And she stuck to this till the very end like a true leader.

Leadership through Hope: Dr. Liza Johannesson  is a part of the trial team that deals with uterus transplant. She is known for doing her best to make the impossible turn possible.  She is passionate about restoring motherhood and shedding light on the global infertility problem. A mother of three girls, she inspires women with her message that all women can make a difference.

 Let’s Summarize

These are a few of stories that can definitely inspire us to go ahead in life. Some of them help us to grow in life while others give us the courage not to be afraid of any difficulties and keep going on in life. There are incidents when even cancer patients recover and then guide others like themselves not to lose heart. As long as such leaders are among us, there is hope for all humanity to survive and go on.