Accessorize Outfits with Scarves | Tips & Tricks

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Posted on April 15 2020

As the pandemic is spreading like wildfire, the people have gone under a lockdown or are in quarantine. Though this time can be tough to pass at home, one can even utilize this time to update their install game or to try on a new hobby or learn a new skill. Scarves are a simple yet stylish accessory that you can wear to take your fashion game up a level. There is an abundance of places you can buy a good quality scarf from such as pop fashion scarves. So here are a few suggestions on how to style your scarf with different outfits. These are sure to make you the talk of the town if you try them at home.

Choosing the right type of scarf

For various seasons - If you are planning to wear a woolen scarf for winters, you must go for a heavy scarf as it will prevent you from feeling cold and will keep you warm. While for a summer outfit, one must go for a cotton or a silk scarf to protect yourself from heat and tan. You may also go for warmer colors for winter scarves and bright colors for summers as they add up to chic fashion.

Don an infinity scarf for a busy day - If you do not have enough time to take out of your busy schedule to wear a veil, then you must pay for an infinity scarf as it will fit you like it's made just for you. You can wear them while going out with friends or family.

Glamorous scarves for shimmering outfits - If you are planning to grab eyeballs at a party or an occasion, you must go for a shimmery or a sparkly scarf with a dress. You can go for a pashmina scarf or a sequin scarf to add glitter to your attire.

Buy primary colors as well - Basic colors such as white and black make your attire complete without much expense, and these are a must-buy if you are planning to up your fashion game.

Accessorizing  your scarves

Using your scarf as a headband - Scarves are not just meant to be worn around the neck, but you can wear it as a headband to add a boho girl look to your outfit. You can wear a thin scarf for the same. You can braid it in your hair or tie it around a hat, and it will add magnificence to your look.

Add charm to your scarf - You can also add a tinge of magic by decorating it or accessorizing scarves. For this, you may do a floral embroidery on it or buy a cuff or paste a glittery sticker or beads on it. This would make you look fresh and trendy.

Tie it in different ways - There are plenty of ways to tie your scarf. You can tie it in an infinity scarf manner. For this, you need to put the scarf around your neck and link it from the bottom. Then fold it in the way of 8 by twisting it and put it back on your neck and adjust it. Another way is a quick fix type. Put it around your neck and pick a side and turn it around your neck. Now change it to make it look equal. 

Additional tips

You should also keep in mind the type of skin tone that you have while buying/styling a scarf. The hue of the scarf indicates the complexion of your face. For example, if you have blond or brown hair, you must go for pastel colors. But if you have a dark hair color along with a bright skin tone, you can opt dark and bold colors like red, purple, etc.


Thus fashion scarves are one of the most inexpensive pieces of accessory to add glamour and style to any outfit. Whether it is a casual dinner or a fancy occasion you are planning to dress up for, a scarf will add all the charm and style. Thus these tips will surely help you look and feel confident and elegant in every outfit, and your Instagram game will be leveled up a bit.