Celebrate this valentine with 10 couple stories.

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Posted on February 04 2021

Popfahion Valentine love stories

Some things are just incomplete without one another and one such is love and love stories. Love stories are an integral part of anyone who has ever fallen dotty. Be it their own story and memories that they made with their partners or someone else’s that holds a special palace in their heart. It inspires them and makes them feel grateful for having someone to share those precious moments.

This Valentine’s day 2021 we bring you 10 real couple stories where people celebrated the day of affection in a very way that they made memories that may never get faded.

Key for the heart

I was married on Valentine’s Day, occurring 26 years ago this year, but I've got to mention my husband really got me well last year on our silver anniversary last year. He can never surprise me, but he did at this point. He plotted, planned, and hunted for over a year to seek out the correct new vehicle on behalf of me, then had them hold it, made plans at a pleasant small romantic restaurant by the hearth. Everything was silver tired. We waited available and footed, then he presented me with a pretty card and a little silver box. I assumed it had been jewelry after all, but once I opened the box, there was a group of car keys. He grabbed my hand and said, “run.” We ran out of the restaurant, down the road, and round the corner, there was a spanking new blue Jeep with the largest silver bow I've ever seen. His nephew took pictures of the full thing to catch my expressions. it had been great and one romantic Valentine’s Day!.

Love matters, not the date

Last Valentine’s Day I couldn’t get removed. My boyfriend and that I was both bummed but we decided to only celebrate the following night, no big deal. That day, however, I used to be a bit sad, as he hadn’t even sent me a cheerful Valentine’s Day text or anything. I’m a nurse and was working a late shift, so it absolutely was after midnight after I finally got done. Once I walked resolutely towards my car my feelings totally changed: He’d decorated it with balloons and streamers, filling the seats with candy, chocolate, and stuffed animals. there have been even a dozen roses within the front seat … which were frozen solid because we sleep in a frozen wasteland. it absolutely was perfect.

 The perfect plan

Last year my boyfriend came home on Feb. 13 but failed to tell me the following morning I woke up with him in my bed and freaked out!!!! it had been the simplest day ever. We ended up visiting a fondue restaurant (so much fun) than visiting a non-public concert where he played a video of the primary day he met me. He said he wanted to record how he felt that day because he was sure I used to be the one he was visiting with for the remainder of his life. Then there have been three more video clips he had of him talking about me. This all ended with him down on one knee and my whole family appearing. He handed me a homemade cookie reading Inside “WILL YOU MARRY ME” it absolutely was so perfect I kept looking to search out what movie his idea came from. We got married on the subsequent Valentine’s Day. I'm now proud to call him my husband and that we expect our first child together.

 Memories are available in all forms

A few days before Valentine’s Day last year my husband decided to do out an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course with our youngsters … and ended up rupturing his Achilles tendon! So Valentine’s Day found us within the hospital with him getting surgery to repair it. It wasn’t the foremost romantic day but we still got a chance from our youngsters and a meal out (even if it had been from the hospital cafeteria). We still laugh about all the things he said while doped informed painkillers. Definitely a memorable Valentine’s!.

Surprise surprise surprise!

For Valentine’s Day, I cut hearts out of fun paper and leave a trail from the exterior door up the steps to our room. betting on whether or not I’ve been ready to find a babysitter, he’ll either find his present or chocolate at the end… or me within the bathtub. Obviously, some years are better than others but the surprise is half the fun!.

Humor is the key

My husband, an authorized public accountant, works 15-hour days for the primary few months of the year. In spite of his hectic schedule, he took a trip to order me flowers for Valentine’s Day. While pondering what sweet endearment to jot down on the cardboard, he obviously began thinking of the numerous hours of labor still sooner than him. His note read: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue. If I weren’t thinking of you, I’d probably be through.

Tears of joy

On my second Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, he woke me up within the morning with breakfast in bed. This was an enormous deal to him since he wasn't what you'd call a “morning person” or a decent cook at that. After breakfast in bed, he told me he would close up and that I could come downstairs after I was ready. After I showered and placed on my makeup I made a decision to travel downstairs. I believed breakfast in bed was great and wasn’t expecting anything. But after I was on the brink of a walk down the steps I saw it; each tread the way down had a rose and a bit note attached to that. The notes were each a line to a poem he wrote on behalf of me and as I walked down the steps I read each line. By the time I needed to the underside, I spotted I'd put my makeup on everywhere again but I didn’t care because it had been the sweetest thing I’d ever seen!.

Food always wins

It’s not an enormous thing but every Valentine’s Day I make my husband his favorite appetizer. I wrap water chestnuts in bacon. Then I place a dozen of them on skewers, arranged to seem sort of a bouquet of roses. Trust me, bacon on a stick is far more romantic to him than any flowers!.

Best surprise ever

My first Valentine’s Day with my fiancé was in 2004 and it had been amazing. That January, I’d been looking online for a puppy and located a bit of a Chihuahua I loved. I wanted more information about the dog but had to figure, so my now-fiancé said he’d call and see the breeder on behalf of me. Later, he called to inform me the puppy had been sold. I used to be crushed.

A month later, on the day before Valentine’s Day, I walked into his apartment and located a card anticipating me. As I used to be reading it, his dog came running towards me. I started fidgeting with him so, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this small Canis Minor run past me with several bows around his neck. I started squealing as my fiancé said, “Do you recognize him?” He had not only bought my Chihuahua, Tony but had arranged for him to be driven from Missouri and had picked him up at 1 a.m. Tony is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me – which Valentine’s Day remains the best possible one in all my life.

Love above all

My husband and I have made it a degree to not invest in Valentine’s Day. We desire it’s a stupid excuse for companies to create money and has become a giant commercial day instead of being about real love. Instead, we make it to some extent to appear into each other’s eyes and say ‘I love you’ in an exceedingly meaningful way. I like our tradition!”.