Top Leadership Behaviours that Influence Your Organizational Culture!

Marketing Team

Posted on March 18 2021

Organizational Culture can be termed as a collection of values, expectations, and practices of the entire team that guide a company to where it is. It is important for every company as it affects every aspect of the organization. Organizational culture strengthens the bond between the employer and the employee. When the employee, because of organizational culture, starts to feel at ease at the workplace, productivity increases. If a company follows a culture, come what may, it can go through tough times even. Today we have inspiring women who are working as our lady bosses and are more successful than men.  Leadership is a quality that does not see gender. Anybody can be a leader.

Qualities of Organizational Culture

The culture you may come across in a different organization is bound to be different. Every organization has a unique culture to which it must adhere to. However, some of the cultures that a good organization needs to have are:

Alignment: When the management and the employees both think the same way while working for the same objective, there is alignment in the organization. Successful organizations work towards achieving alignment to their mission, vision, and goals.

Appreciation: When employees are appreciated in the organization in one way or another such as a promotion, public appreciation, or a note of thanks even, it is enough to boost the employee’s spirit of working for achieving the goals of the company.

Trust: Both the employee and the employer need to have this relationship with one another. It is through trust that team members can try something new.

Performance: A lot depends upon performance of the team, in fact everything depends upon performance. If the performance is not good despite the company having trust, the company may not progress.

Resilience: Another important factor that must be present in the culture of organization is resilience i.e. how fast the organization can recover from disasters. Any organization must have this elastic feature.

Teamwork: One of the most important cultures of an organization is teamwork. Working together to achieve a common objective is what puts an organization on the path to success.

Besides these qualities there are others like integrity, innovation, and psychological safety too that form a part of the organizational culture. However, the above-mentioned qualities are the ones that work magic for an organization to achieve its objectives.

Top Leadership Behaviors

  1. Inspiration: A true leader must have the ability to inspire and motivate his team to work towards achieving the goal, which otherwise seems difficult. By doing so the team leaders unlock a level of energy in the team that is otherwise not visible.
  2. Trust: Team Leaders can build trust with the team by being aware of the needs of the team, what the team aspires to achieve, and the circumstances in which the team works. Only those leaders can be trusted who have knowledge and confidence while making decisions. 
  3. Developing and Supporting: Able Team leaders will develop the skill set of their team and thus support them in completing the tasks they have at hand. They will not switch over to another team member if one does not have the requisite skill set. Good leaders will upgrade the skills of the team members so that they can be a useful resource in future also.
  4. Planned Outlook: Leaders must provide a direction to their team along with a purpose they need to achieve. The team members of such a team will be more satisfied and committed as compared to the ones who do not know where they are heading.
  5. Driving for Results:A drive for results by the team leader coupled with inspiration can yield unthinkable results. However, if one of the two elements is missing there might be lack of motivation in the team members which is not at all good. Leaders should try their best to keep the team focused and stretch the team to achieve the goals. This establishes a better standard of excellence in the team's work and the team will be ready to achieve more under the leadership of such a leader.


Every organization does business.  It’s the way of getting things done within the organization that matters to the business. Only those organizations who have a good culture can be successful. Everyone will look forward to working with an organization that keeps the concerns of the employees in its agenda while making some decisions.