Women's Designer stud Earrings!

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Posted on February 27 2020

Practically anything can be given as a gift. If it's needed, wanted, or will make someone happy, it's an excellent gift, whatever it's going to be. Nevertheless, there's no denying the very fact that some gifts are more sentimental than others. Wearable items like clothing, shoes, hats, and coats may make great gifts but they're not very meaningful. Sure, you'll include embroidery together with his or her initials or something similar but it doesn't compare to jewelry. 


But there is a variety of jewelry available, which one should you choose for a gift?

Designer stud earrings for women are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry in a woman’s accessory arsenal. Regardless of whether studs are multi-carat or modest, star-like spots; princess molded, Asscher, or the exemplary round splendid; a perfect pair of fashioner stud hoops are an absolute necessity have accessory. 

If there’s a woman in your life whose jewelry box is sans designer studs, now is the time to present her with her own perfect pair. Designer studs can be worn anywhere and anytime. Depending on the ensemble, designer studs can play casual or elegant, conservative or bold.   


Perfect Designer Stud Shape

Designer studs are available in a variety of shapes and cuts. Classic shapes and designs-just like the princess or round brilliant pair perfectly with other studs or earrings (if her ears have multiple piercings). If she's into a more cutting edge style, select trillion cut studs or heart shapes.

Asscher, cushion, and emerald cuts provide a vintage flair and pair well with the classic little black dress, but you'll also dress them down by wearing them with shorts or a sundress.

The shape you need depends on her style. But no matter which shape you choose, they are sure to compliment her entire wardrobe!                                          

Sizing Up Your Designer Studs

With designer stud earrings, the size or carat weight of the designers creates different types of visual allure. Dainty-sized studs shyly look from the ear cartilage, offering a flicker of shimmer. Bigger carat weights are a touch more formal but can still be worn with casual wear. With designer earrings, the wearer’s attitude is everything!

For lobes with multiple piercings, use increasing carat weights in each piercing for a fun effect. While most girls place the littlest stud within the top-most piercing, you'll play with size placement and other earring designs to make unique looks. 


No Need to Change with Designer Studs

The best feature of designer studs is their versatility. Designer studs are always work-appropriate, but they can also be worn after-hours for cocktails, a casual dinner, or even to the gym. Designers are the ultimate go-to accessory.

Want to spice up a pair of studs? Use different earring jackets to make more formal earring designs together with your traditional studs.


Why Stud Earrings for ladies Are an excellent Gift

Whether paired with a strand of pearls, a turquoise bracelet, silver jewelry, or more designers, classic designer studs won’t clash with other jewelry. Designers match every stone and complement all metals, so you can pair designer studs with anything in the jewelry box without worry.

They are simple, yet elegant and sophisticated. Who needs something too elaborate? The simplicity of designer stud earrings comes from being a single-stone designer earring. Sometimes the foremost simple jewelry items are the simplest and feel the foremost timeless. A pair of studs can match so many outfits, especially if it’s a neutral color jewel like a pearl or designer. Seriously, we challenge you to name a color that looks bad with a designer or pearl. Even if your studs are a color that’s not neutral or present in your outfit, it won’t be all that noticeable, or it will be a cute and subtle splash of color. A pearl or designer stud is great for any occasion, whether you’re going to a celebrity gala or just feel like wearing jewelry with your sweatpants. 

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