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  • Accessorize Outfits with Scarves | Tips & Tricks

    Couch Taxes

    Posted on April 15 2020

    As the pandemic is spreading like wildfire, the people have gone under a lockdown or are in quarantine. Though this time can be tough to pass at home, one can even utilize this time to update their install game or to try on a new hobby or learn a new skill. Scarves are a simple yet stylish accessory that you can wear to take your fashion game up a level.

  • 10 must-have bags every woman should own

    Harry S

    Posted on March 18 2020

    Women are very conscious about setting trends when it comes to fashion. They make it a point to look classy and elegant from top to bottom whether it comes to sporting a simple accessory like a pair of earrings or wearing matching footwear with their favorite outfit. Similarly, bags constitute an important accessory when it comes to looking chic and trendy. It is aptly said by someone that " One cannot buy happiness but one can buy handbags". There are innumerable choices available in the market when it comes to bags. One does not need to go for costly bags when it comes to setting trends and looking stylish. Here is a list of the top ten 
    popular handbags that every woman must own.
  • Best beachwear picks for this summer

    Couch Taxes

    Posted on March 12 2020

    Summers are knocking the door and winters are returning. Everyone is just planning to welcome this summer with their different exotic and cooling plans. Have you also made any plan for an outing or not yet. Make it right now. Well, beaches are the best place to challenge any weather. No matter there are winters or summer, the pleasing atmosphere around the beach gives a perfect fitment for making your holidays very special.
  • Best 2020 Workout outfits for women: Comfortable and Breathable!

    Couch Taxes

    Posted on March 05 2020

    Have you ever felt discrete in your body during or after your workout? If yes then it means that the time to change your outfits has come. When your outfits are not good, you do not feel comfortable during and after workouts. So what should be the specialty of the right outfits for the comfort of workout:
  • Women's Designer stud Earrings!

    Couch Taxes

    Posted on February 27 2020

    Practically anything can be given as a gift. If it's needed, wanted, or will make someone happy, it's an excellent gift, whatever it's going to be. Nevertheless, there's no denying the very fact that some gifts are more sentimental than others. Wearable items like clothing, shoes, hats, and coats may make great gifts but they're not very meaningful. Sure, you'll include embroidery together with his or her initials or something similar but it doesn't compare to jewelry