10 Must-Have Bags That Every Woman Should Own

Marketing Team

Posted on May 31 2021

Variety is a woman’s priority. Fashion trends keep changing around the year, and likewise, fashion accessories are apprising.
Women Bags are the most eye-catching accessory of her wardrobe. It has the proficiency of enhancing your style quotient and making a fuss of it at the same time. Hence, most of the females prefer astute investment sets while shopping for bags. As in, a bag must have assets like attractiveness, robustness, long-lasting, and affordability.

Let us today have a profound look into the various styled bag options available in the market, owning the talent to make you the center of attraction of special occasions all on its own.

  1. The all-time favorite Mini Bags- 

Main purpose:

Mini Bags are most appropriate for gigantic occasions like weddings or receptions. You are already carrying heavy outfits and jewelry and don’t want your bags to infuriate you. 

  • Go for a mini bag. It can lug enough of your essential items, including your cell phone, and it is very easy to carry. You can either carry it on your shoulders or tuck it into your waistlines. Both ways, it is going to augment your fashion proportion. 


Mini bags are manufactured in thousands of variants. Hence, you can effortlessly find the one that matches your dress. 

  1. The Micro Mini Bags-

Main purpose:

Micro Mini bags are most convenient for small gatherings where you don’t have many things to carry. 

  • They are often denoted as after-work bags. Also, with micro mini bags, you don’t need to find a place to preserve them. They can be carried around because of their small size and lightweight. 


Micro Mini Bags are easily accessible in markets within affordable price ranges.

  1. Bum Bags-

Main Purpose:

Best used to keep our money and essentials safe.

  • The most preferred choice of women for festivities and outings. The reason? Safety. Yes, you read it right—the possibility of theft increases when we are a part of festivals or large gatherings. It is designed in a manner that you can tie around your waist without spoiling your look. If chosen in consonance with your dress, these bags work wonders in ornamenting your beauty. 


These bags are available in different sizes. Hence, you can buy them according to your need and demand. However, the medium size is most recommended to fulfill its purpose efficiently.

  1. Classic cum Formal bags-

Main Purpose:

Mainly preferred to complete formal outfits.

  • Designed especially for working ladies, this is a must-have accessory for your wardrobe. These bags give you a very professional and strict look and considerably boost your impact on your colleagues or employees. Classic cum formal bags are only recommended on occasions when you truly want to look sophisticated and not otherwise. As it adds to the number of your age because of its pattern and construction.


These are specifically sold in showrooms and limited shops into limited color variants.

  1. Weekend Bags-

Main Purpose:

Used for short travel-treks.

  • Weekend bags for ladies are very famous among youthful and enthusiastic travelers who wish to travel without annoying luggage. This bag fulfills the purpose of carrying most of the essential items and giving you a trendy and funky look if worn with jeans and sneakers. Weekend bags, as the name suggests, are strongly recommended for short trips and treks on holiday. 


Easily available in general bag shops in different shades of vibgyor colours.

  1. Shoulder Bags-

Main Purpose:

Makes the task of carrying items very handy and stress free.

  • You must have got the idea right after reading the name. Yes! The shoulder bags- the most popular trend of the 90s. Women were crazy due to its easy handling technique then. But as they say, “good inventions never expire.” These bags are back in style with a bang. 


Updated with the latest trends of 2021, shoulder bags are again being sold out on an enormous scale in the market. So, why wait? Go and grab one, to ease out all your stress regarding the tiresomeness of handling bags and the everyday headache of matching it with your dresses by choosing neutral and dark colors.

  1. Crossbody Bags-

Main Purpose:

Want to carry bags but love to stay hand-free? Well! We have an excellent solution for you named cross body bags. 

  • The most versatile bag present in the bags market today. They work mystically for both informal and formal outfits. Whether it’s a day occasion or a nighty night, you don’t have to care. Offered in enormous styles, they go best with one piece, jumpsuits, and long dresses. Females worried about whacking belly fat must try this one as it successfully switches the attention towards itself, saving you from any form of discomfiture.


Effortlessly available

  1. Clutch-

Main Purpose:

Clutches work best when you wish to attract the attention of the audience to your latest manicure. 

  • The trick is to select a clutch that supremely matches the theme of your dress and then watch back. See how people are going to get attracted towards your new hand. However, clutches are more of single-purpose accessories. They must not be flooded with extra items as doing so will make it look bulky and lose its fanciness.


Available in huge variety

  1. Beach bag-

Main Purpose:

Preferred for beach outings.

  • Are you a beach lover and spend most of your weekends under the sun with sand? Then these Popfashion bags are just for you. It is normal to feel lazy fashioning your bikinis and bathing suits, especially if your weekend has arrived a week full of stress and annoyance. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your fashion level. Just put up the most comfortable bikini of your wardrobe along with your beach bag, and you are done. 


Easily available but in limited patterns and colours.

  1. Tote Bag-

Main Purpose:

Best for daily use.

  • Popular for their reusability, tote bags are a great option not to feel guilty about harming the environment. They are facilitated with parallel handles and are very convenient to carry while shopping and during changing lectures. The jute totes have been an essential part of our tradition for ages.


They come in a variety of fabrics, such as nylon and jute.


The prime purpose of any bag is to carry items. But if mixed with fashion trends, they work like magic for our wardrobe collections. All the bags that I have mentioned above are multi-purposed and ornamenting.