5 Best Compression shirts for men

Harry S

Posted on February 13 2020

In the pop fashion world of men’s styles, there is no ending of new-ins and new-outs. It gets really tough on the wallet and wardrobe to catch up with the fast-changing fashion trends in the menswear collection.

Luckily, men have a choice of following the latest trend of men's contrast shirts as they are getting continued from last year's pop fashion. Here, we have caught up with some trendy styles that’ll keep you moving with the fashion trends.

Contrast Collar Shirts

The contrast collar shirt is one of the top trendy men’s shirts as well as the most criticized shirt. Initially, the design was followed only by the youngsters but in 2020 it has entered in the style of executive looking too. All you need to follow this trend is to wrack your mind to match a suitable contrast. The blue colour shirt with white collars is one of the prominent designs that is seen pairing with a dark or light blue men’s suit.

Check- shirt With Plain Collar

To have a trendy and fashionable e-boy look in casual wear, pairing a check shirt with plain collar provides a perfect look for a man dressing up for a party. Paired with the collar colour, commando sole shoes and a plain trouser give an awesome look. The check can be broad, self-check print or the multicolour check as per personal choice. In 2020, this style is going to rock as the top fashion trends for men's shirts.

Dark Collar Shirt

 Dark collars give an elevated look to the men’s style. It is one of the favourite contrast collar shirts that give a bold look.  French cuffs style dark collar shirts have a contemporary style that is more than enough to grab the attention of the people. Try pairing it with a dark blazer and a solid colour tie for a perfect ensemble.

Denim Collar paired with a Contrast Color

Denim is an all-time popular choice for men. Irrespective of the age, complexion, height, body tone, denim suits everyone. In 2020, there is a little twist in the regular denim style shirts. The denim collars are paired with contrast colour shirts. The store has a variety of colours other than navy blue that can match the style of contrast colour shirt. It gives a fresh look and is a very good option for a spin-off.

Flashy Color shirt with White Collars

When you are looking for out of the rack custom designs in the men’s shirt collection then there is a brand new design to be followed in 2020. You can pick up any flashy and translucent colour shirt that has a white-collar. A contrast tie can also be paired. It gives a much younger party look that youngsters will cherish.

A contrast colour men's shirt is definitely pop up fashion in the men’s wear and it offers many options. Some of the tips while selecting a contrast colour shirt that goes with new fashion trends of 2020 are:

Prefer white or plain colour collars while making a contrast.

  • Stay away from super dark or heavily contrasting colour-ways and tone such as red, green and so on.
  • Don’t make the shirt look overdone because sometimes the contrast colours don't match.
  • Know your style. Getting the right fit that goes with your physique is the most important part of any shirt.
  • Choose a rich fabric. It is found that unconventional materials are better for casual looks.
  • Choose brighter colours for the contrast design.
  • Choose your complete outfit that matches overall not just the shirt.
  • Add new dimensions to your outfit to enhance your fashion style like cuffs, rings, chains etc.


On One Final Note

Despite what you may have in your wardrobe, making a shift toward the contrast design is a good option to makeover your style. The best thing is that you don’t have to go for the popup fashions that are out of your pocket. A shirt can completely give a new look to your personality.

In fact, a contrast shirt has got the ability to be teamed in both formal and casual looks makes your choice versatile. Getting a casual look depends on the shirt material, colour and design, as well as the outfit combination. As long as you get the right contrasts, you'll be styling the best look in no time.

So, all you need to do to become a fashion fad is to pick out some of your shirts from the existing wardrobe and alter them with the contrast colour collar. If you wish to go for fresh shopping of men's shirt then keep the contrast design in mind and pick the best shirt for yourself that enhances your style. Keep watching our new contrast designs by staying in touch with us!