Designer Stud earrings for women.

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Posted on February 06 2020

Women are very particular about the way they look. They always want to look stylish and elegant and want to receive compliments from people for her unique way of carrying herself. A pair of earrings is something without which she is incomplete Wearing a perfect pair of earrings makes our outfit better and also makes our day better. If you are looking for an attractive pair of earrings it is better to go for stud earrings. One can easily mix and match them and wear them on any occasion. They might not get caught in something so it is safe if a woman wears them you can wear them on any occasion whether it is traditional, formal or casual and makes you look sophisticated rather than weird.

There are numerous aspects on the basis of which you can decide which pair of stud earrings you should invest in:

  • Decide how much you want to spend: There are certain earrings which are very expensive so it is better to set a budget before buying them. You can apply filters based on the budget. There are various studs that you can have as per your budget.
  • Choose the studs as per your face:


1. Ear Candy: The type of studs which are popular among people are hoops. These amazing pair of studs complement those who have a long face or angular jawlines. They are available in various sizes and styles the ones which are simple are worth the investment. It is perfect for every occasion whether you are going to work or coffee with friends. It is better to avoid heavy hoops as they pull your ear go for the light ones.

2. Drops: If you are planning to transform your look from classic to edgy go for drops. This stylish pair just rests below the earlobe and look amazing when you wear them on any occasion. You can also surprise your loved one with it.

  • Classic Stud Earrings: They are the most common type of ear piercing stroud. They have a butterfly back along with a very small gauge in sizes such as 0.8 mm,1mm and 1.2 mm. They are very cheap and you can get them from anywhere in the market. It is better not to invest in something that is made of cheap metal. Some high street studs contain nickel that might cause irritation to your ears.


  • Labrets: They were originally made for people who love to get piercings on their lips. They are suitable for both earlobe and ear cartilage piercings. It is advised to go for surgical steel, Titanium and Bioflex labret studs for your ears. They also help your ears to recover from the irritation caused by cheap stud earrings.


So choose the pair of studs which suit you the best as a variety of them are available in the market. The practice of piercing ears was not only popular in the past but also in the present as it gives a sophisticated look with any attire. You can also buy a classy pair from Popfashion your one-stop destination which offers you an amazing pair of struts to choose from. People are unaware of the fact that piercings increase the power of the brain. The pressure points between the ear lobes will keep your reproductive organs healthy. In ancient times the ears of the child were pierced to increase his strength and he attains better knowledge.